Code of Ethics

Every employee of SWA is required to abide by our Code of Ethics at all times.  SWA will not employ any individual, regardless of qualifications, who does not feel that he or she cannot abide by this Code,

  • The staff of SWA shall, at all times, demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and excellence in the development of management solutions.
  • The staff of SWA will act within the law at all times, and will only provide solutions that are legally and morally acceptable.
  • The staff of SWA believes that workers have the right to be safe and secure in the performance of their jobs, therefore; we strive to offer the highest quality management and training programs possible at a reasonable cost.
  • The staff of SWA seeks to promote human values in all of the services we provide.
  • The staff of SWA offers solutions that are realistic. We will never attempt to mislead our clients with idealistic suppositions.
  • The staff of SWA will never accept a project that we are not qualified to fulfill, and we will never charge a client for services that we cannot or did not perform on their behalf.