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Steve Wilder has spent the past 30 years in safety, security, and risk management. He has provided consultation services to hundreds of clients, including government, education, manufacturing, retailing, healthcare, and industry. An experienced trial expert, Steve regularly consults for law firms and insurance companies on matters of safety, security, and risk management. He has become a nationally recognized subject matter expert in active shooter preparedness and response, and works with over 300 clients in 44 states.   Steve proudly served on the Illinois School Security and Standards Task Force as the only professional security consultant on that task force, appointed by the Governor of the State of Illinois.

Steve Wilder

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Sorensen has spent over 30 years in safety and security management, working with some of the largest, most prestigious companies in the country. A recognized expert in system design build, Mr. Sorensen has worked with companies throughout the Midwest, designing access control, CCTV, asset protection, and theft detection systems.

Chris Sorensen


Dan Wilder serves as Director of Professional Services for SWA.  He joined the company in 2006 after earning a degree in Criminal Justice. Dan works closely with educational and healthcare facilities across the nation, performing security vulnerability assessments as well as providing safety and security related training.  Dan also holds advanced certifications in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Dan Wilder

Director of Professional Services

Stan is President and CEO of Fire & Life Safety, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ and is a member of the Sorensen, Wilder & Associates network of public safety professionals.  In addition, Stan joined Steve Wilder and several other industry professionals in forming the Emergence Management Alliance.

Stanley Szpytek

President/CEO, Fire & Life Safety, Inc

Jocko Vermillion serves as Director of Safety Management Services for SWA. With over 30 years construction safety experience, he is a nationally recognized expert in construction safety and compliance. Jocko served for 10 years as a Compliance Safety and Health Officer (CSHO) with the US Department of Labor – Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). During that time, he investigated over 100 fatal construction accidents, served as a subject matter expert in countless hearings, and provided testimony on construction safety issues to the United States Congress. While his background is strong in construction safety, he also has extensive safety management experience in healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

Jocko Vermillion

Director of Safety Management Services