Active Shooter – Healthcare

The threat of a hostile, armed active shooter within the walls of a healthcare facility is a real, documented threat to staff, patients, residents, visitors, vendors, and physicians. Whether it’s a hospital, long term care, residential facility, or physician’s office, every facility needs a well written policy that prescribes steps to be taken to maximize the chances of survivability for everyone in the facility. In addition, employees need to receive REALISTIC training that combines cognitive awareness with practical skills.

The SWA Active Shooter / Armed Intruder survival program meets those needs. Developed specifically for healthcare facilities by a team of law enforcement / SWAT officers and healthcare security professionals, this “one of its kind” training program looks at the active shooter in a healthcare facility, and the unique challenges it presents that are not found in any other industry.

The content of this program includes

  1. Developing an understanding of the mindset and goals of an active shooter
  2. Types of Active Shooter events that occur in healthcare facilities
  3. Case studies and lessons learned from active shooter events in healthcare facilities
  4. The Active Shooter Safety Action Plan
  5. A unique decision-making model that prepares the healthcare professional to make the critical decision on fleeing for their own safety or staying and protecting their patients and/or residents
  6. Incorporating active shooter risks into a security vulnerability assessment
  7. Development of a written plan specific to healthcare
  8. Stress management / anxiety control
  9. Staff training

If you’ve been looking at active shooter programs, realize that a training program designed for general industry / office use is of little value in a healthcare facility. If you are ready for an active shooter training program specifically designed for healthcare facilities, contact us today at 800-568-2931.

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What our clients have said about our “Active Shooter / Armed Intruder” training program:

  • Excellent speaker, very engaging with real life case examples.
  • I would like to see a day long training on this.
  • We are unprepared, but this definitely got us started in the right direction.
  • This was the best workshop I have ever been to.
  • Very important topic; we are bringing SWA in to our system to help us with our program.
  • Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!
  • Wish there had been more time. This was the best!
  • One of the best sessions I have ever attended at a conference!