Leadership Development

Conflict Resolution- Reviews the nature of conflict, the types of conflict, how to recognize it and what possible solutions you can use to resolve conflict. Learn how to apply this to your workplace setting, and in your every day life.

Time Management-“There are never enough hours in a day.” “We spend all day in meetings that accomplish nothing.” These are common statements that indicate serious issues in time management. In this module, the supervisor will identify ways to organize their time and develop time management skills.

Leading Change in the Organization- Change is a constant, yet most people try to avoid or resist change whenever possible. For the supervisor, successfully managing ongoing change is an ongoing part of their job. Still, many supervisors have difficulty dealing with change on a personal level, making leadership even more difficult. This module looks at organizational changes, and how the supervisor can make change a positive element in the organization.

Coping With Stress in the Workplace- Discusses the general information related to stress, identifies the causes of stress and provides effective methods of coping with stress. Learn various ways to cope, resources for coping and how to apply these methods to your own life.

Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace- Topics include: Statistics on drug use, drug use in Industry, why companies do drug testing, performance signs of drug users in the workplace, stages of alcohol abuse and intoxication, reasonable suspicion, observation checklist, implications of abuse in the workplace, Q & A, & roll-play.

Effective Communication in the Workplace: How to Get It and How to Keep It- Key components of good communication, and effective use of tools available to you in the workplace are outlined. You’ll learn how bulletin boards, e-mail, push-to-talk devices, and other means of communication are being used to effectively bridge the communication gap, and how your current system can work more efficiently.

Performance Management and the Law- Program covers legal aspect of performance management issues: Dealing with an employee with poor work performance or with behaviors that violate company policy (identification of problems, coaching for improvements, four-step process; Documenting corrective action (FOSA format); Terminations (legal reasons for termination, the termination meeting, other termination obligations.

Legal Aspects of Hiring a Qualified Workforce- This module introduces methods of hiring qualified employees, and allows the supervisor to understand what he/she can and cannot do when interviewing including: Legal guidelines of hiring (avoiding discrimination, applicant privacy rights, preventing negligent hiring claims, avoiding false job security promises, legal job application forms, immigration law requirements); Successful and Legal Interviewing (interviewing protocols, legal restrictions on questions, testing, criminal background checks, extending the job offer, and rejecting applicants).