Sorensen, Wilder & Associates is a safety and security consulting group, comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in healthcare, educational, governmental, manufacturing, retailing, and the public safety sectors.  With clients across the nation, we pride ourselves in our realistic approach to safety and security management, and commit ourselves to helping each and every client provide a safe and secure environment.

Established in 1990, our specialized services include:

  • Security and Safety Assessments
  • Safety Assessments
  • OSHA, NFPA, JCAHO and other regulatory compliance programs
  • Hazard Vulnerability Assessments
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Disaster Drill Management
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Aggression Management Training
  • Employee Health and Safety Programs

Since our inception, we have held fast to our beliefs that successful employee health and safety outcomes are no accident, and a safe workplace is an attainable goal. Our services allow employers to provide the safest and most secure possible environment for their employees, guests, and customers, regardless of the industry or setting.  In return, our clients enjoy significant financial savings, fewer penalties, less regulatory interference, improved productivity, and better employee morale.

We are committed to programs that are based on reality, and not on idealistic suppositions. Our programs are tested, and the outcomes defined.