Churches and Houses of Worship


From 2006-2016 there were more shootings in churches and houses of worship than in the previous 25 years combined. In 2017, we as a nation witnessed the most deadly church shooting in modern US history when a shooter walked into a small Baptist church in Texas and opened fire. 20 people died and 26 more were injured. The tragic reality is that even a house of worship is not immune to acts of violence. We live in a time when preparedness is no longer optional. It is critical.

Churches and Houses of Worship Safety Training


Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)

Our security vulnerability assessments help houses of worship identify potential breaches in the security program long before an event might occur.

Our extensive experience in security management helps minimize losses, protects business assets, helps increase safety and reduce the cost of workers' compensation claims, and can lessen the contributions or premiums paid for insurance coverage.

Safe Sanctuary

The tragic reality is that even a house of worship is not immune to acts of violence.

Our Safe Sanctuary program is designed to provide critical training to churches and houses of worship in order to keep congregations safe during a hostile event. Safe Sanctuary will help you in creating a state of preparedness, understanding critical concepts related to armed intruders, and sharpening critical decision-making skills to keep your congregation safe during an incident.

Security for houses of worship requires specific training, developed by and provided by knowledgeable and experienced security professionals, and addressing inherent liability, use of force, defense tools, and training curriculums.

Every building has unique vulnerabilities inherent with crowded places and public access.  SWA consultants provide the experience and expertise needed to guide your facility.

Modern times require modern solutions to security and safety situations.

Unfortunately employees, visitors, customers, vendors and intruders regularly create havoc and disruptions to our business.  SWA has the experience operational experts to help you prevent, prapare, mitigate, and recover from dangerous situations and deadly disasters.