Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis is now widely used in treating a range of health issues across the nation.  

Every state’s application process for cultivation and dispensary permitting includes requirements for Security Plans.  The cannabis industry faces unique challenges in both physical and operational security. SWA’s team can develop plans to mitigate against and reduce exposure to security breaches.  Our policies, procedures and systems are designed not only to provide physical protection, but to include training to observe, monitor, detect and report any actions and situations that threaten the operation.

Our security plans are written utilizing security benchmarks and standards applied and adapted to all applicable acts, laws and ordinances. Our plans meet and exceed all requirements put forth as related to physical security, loss prevention, safety, and emergency management ensuring safe and secure operations for your medical cannabis dispensary or cultivation center.

In the Illinois application process, SWA provided content for both cultivation center and dispensary applicants for the Security Plan portion of the application.  SWA’s relationship with our sister company Midwest Integrated Solutions allows us to design all of the security technology systems and provide technical drawings and plans.  We produced a highly detailed video surveillance system design report complete with 3D renderings from all cameras leaving nothing to the imagination as to the CCTV coverage afforded.  The security technology systems designs also included an alarm system and engineered access control system complete with CAD drawings and overlays on floor plans.

To date, all SWA clients who have applied for permits have won them.  While we know that we are not entirely responsible for their success, we’ve also been told repeatedly that our comprehensive approach to site safety and security has been a key component in their receiving the permits.

As a proven winning content provider, SWA should be your first choice.  Contact us now to add us to your team as a proven security partner for your endeavor.

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Security Plan Development

SWA works with your team to develop and update written plans and policies to address the hazards and vulnerabilities identified in both cultivation and dispensary locations.  Well written plans are critical for compliance as well as response, mitigation, and recovery following an event.

The Active Shooter / Armed Intruder…Planning For the Unthinkable

It has become essential that leadership in all facets of business and industry, including the cannabis industry recognize the need to plan for, respond to, and recover from an armed intruder or active shooter.  SWA’s program prepares you to recognize the threats and minimize the chances of such an incident, or if one should occur, to minimize the loss of life.

Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA’s)

Our security vulnerability assessments help the Medical Cannabis facilities identify potential breaches in the security program long before an event might actually occur.

In addition, our extensive experience in safety management helps minimize losses, reduce the cost of workers' compensation claims, and lessen the contributions or premiums paid for insurance coverage.

Building Design

Designing a building with integrated security is no easy task.  Trying to add security integration after the building has been built is costly and impractical.  SWA consultants are CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) certified and fully prepared to work with architects to design buildings with security in mind.

Modern times require modern solutions to security and safety situations.

Unfortunately employees, visitors, customers, vendors and intruders regularly create havoc and disruptions to our business.  SWA has the experience operational experts to help you prevent, prapare, mitigate, and recover from dangerous situations and deadly disasters.