preparedness is no longer optional. It is critical.

Sorensen, Wilder & Associates (SWA) is a nationally recognized leader in safety and security, emergency preparedness/disaster management, and public safety consulting. Serving clients nationwide, we specialize in healthcare, education, churches/houses of worship, government, and manufacturing, and we have proudly provided clients with realistic, affordable solutions since 1990.



Security Vulnerability Assessments

Before any viable improvements can be made, it is critical to know where the “chinks in the armor” exist. An SVA identifies three critical factors:  1). What are the threats faced, 2) where are the opportunities that would allow an event to occur, and 3) what are the potential outcomes if an event occurs.  All improvements start with an SVA.

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Active Shooter Preparedness and Response

SWA’s Active Shooter Preparedness programs prepare you to recognize the threats and minimize the chances of such an incident, or if one should occur, to minimize the loss of life.  SWA offers multiple training and policy solutions across all industry lines.

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Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace has increased exponentially in the last 10 years. SWA specializes in critical services including policy and program development, and workforce violence training including Active Shooter Preparedness, Street Safety for the Traveling Employee, Safe Sanctuary, The Essentials of Aggression Management and many more.

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Essentials of Aggression Management. (EoAM)

Customizable to a variety of industries, our EOAM programs range from a one-day workshop that teaches employees to identify early warning signs and minimize risks of workplace violence, to a deeper dive into de-escalation techniques designed to allow escape from a violent attack to a place of safety. 

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Emergency Preparedness

At SWA we work with you to create a customized Emergency Operation Plan to address the type of hazards your facility may encounter.  We work with you to develop your plan, assist in training employees on your plan, and facilitate exercises designed to test your plans and staff.

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Plan Development

SWA works with your team to develop written plans and policies to address the hazards and vulnerabilities identified in your various assessments.  Well written plans are critical for compliance as well as response, mitigation, and recovery following an event.

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Safety Management

Not all companies can afford the luxury of a full-time safety manager. SWA is prepared to evaluate your facility’s facilities current safety program and create a strategic, cost-effective safety program to reduce injuries, increase efficiencies and create an overall safer workplace.

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OSHA Compliance

Is your facility up-to-date and compliant with OSHA regulations and standards?  If not, a visit from OSHA could cost your company thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.  SWA’s team of professional safety consultants, including former OSHA Compliance Officers stand ready to help your company prepare for an OSHA inspection and assist in both informal and formal hearings that will follow the inspection.  

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Crisis Response Team

SWA Clients have access to our 24/7 crisis response team that includes “boots on the ground” assistance with incident management, crisis counselors, armed or unarmed security, media and public relations assistance, legal counsel, clean up and restoration, and more. 

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Cyber Security

Welcome to SWA's Cybersecurity Hub, where cutting-edge protection meets peace of mind. In an age dominated by technology, safeguarding your digital assets is non-negotiable.

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Sorensen, Wilder & Associates assists clients companies in finding solutions to their safety and security management challenges. We accomplish this through the use of qualified and proven industry experts, in a manner that is most cost-effective, legal, ethical, and realistic.

The 4 Outs


Preparation for all types of emergencies and potential disasters is a familiar activity for senior living communities. However, the one event that is more difficult for communities to fully prepare for is an active shooter event. Senior living communities know that they are not immune to this threat, yet most do not have plans or training to guide their responses to save lives should this occur.



Education and School Safety Training


We have been named by the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority as a "vendor of choice" for school security and violence prevention programs.

Hospital Safety Training


Our staff of healthcare specialists includes Certified Healthcare Protection Administrators, Certified Healthcare Safety Professionals, Certified Fraud Examiners, Nurse/Attorneys, Certified Occupational Health Nurses, and Certified Safety Professionals.

Government Safety Training


With strong backgrounds in municipal and government administration, the staff of SWA have become logical choices for governmental projects dealing with safety and security issues.

Industrial Safety Training


Companies need a qualified partner like SWA who will increase workplace safety and security and minimize losses.

Construction Safety Training


SWA provides a wide range of services built specifically for the construction industry. From OSHA compliance to crane training and safety, we do it all.

Churches and Houses of Worship Safety Training

Churches and Houses of worship

Our Safe Sanctuary program is designed by SWA to provide critical training to churches and houses of worship in order to keep congregations safe during a hostile event.

Doctor hand holding bottle with medical cannabis close up

Medical Cannabis

SWA's plans exceed all requirements put forth as related to physical security, loss prevention, safety, and emergency management ensuring safe and secure operations for your medical cannabis dispensary or cultivation center.

Modern times require modern solutions to security and safety situations.

Unfortunately employees, visitors, customers, vendors and intruders regularly create havoc and disruptions to our business.  SWA has the experience operational experts to help you prevent, prapare, mitigate, and recover from dangerous situations and deadly disasters.