Essentials of Aggression Management (EoAM)

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Essentials of Aggression Management

The Essentials of Aggression Management Progam

This 4-day Train-the-Trainer program is a "must-have" for healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities that are serious about controlling aggression in the workspace. As incidents of aggressive behavior in healthcare continue to increase, administrators and caregivers alike face more and more challenges in de-escalating situations.

Developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, The Essentials of Aggression Management prepares the healthcare employee to recognize and defuse aggressive behavior long before it becomes physically violent, as well as teaching techniques to manage the combative person that are safe to both the aggressor and the caregiver, while still being focused on and compliment with patient rights.

Contact us today to find out why more and more healthcare facilities are switching to the Essentials of Aggression Management as their "program of choice" for protecting their employees.

  • • The Aggression Continuum: Six Steps Between Calm and Physically Violent

  • • Verbal De-Escalation Skills

  • • Non-Verbal Clues of Pending Violence

  • • Escapes from Grabs, Holds, and Chokes

  • • Safe and Effective Takedown Techniques

  • • Application and Proper Use of Restraint Devices

  • • After an Incident Occurs

Modern times require modern solutions to security and safety situations.

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