Security Vulnerability Assessments

Security Vulnerability Assessments

Our security vulnerability assessments (SVA) help organizations identify potential breaches in the security program long before an event might actually occur.  In addition, our extensive experience in security management helps minimize losses, reduce the cost of workers' compensation claims, and lessen the contributions or premiums paid for insurance coverage.

An SVA answers several critical questions, including:

1.      From what and from whom should the organization be protecting itself? (what are the THREATS?)

2.      What “chinks in the armor” in the security management program could allow an untoward event to happen? (what are the VULNERABILITIES?)

3.      What are the likely consequences in the event the vulnerabilities are recognized, and the organization is compromised? (what are the RISKS?)

4.      What can we do to minimize the chances of an event occurring? (what should our ACTIONS be?)

What is the SVA Process?

SWA uses a proprietary approach to assessing your security management program that looks at your program in totality.  Referred to as P2T2®, we look at your program in four critical areas:

  • People
  • Programs
  • Training
  • Technology

Our experiences have taught us that if there are deficiencies in any of these areas of the security management program, then vulnerabilities result, and the adversary has a better chance of infiltrating your organization.

To identify the vulnerabilities, SWA consultants will conduct staff interviews, policy reviews, detailed audits of security training records, detailed audits of security technology such as cameras, mass notification system, access control, etc., and a detailed tour of the facility.

How long will it take?

The time frame for completing the analysis depends on multiple factors, including the size of the building, the number of consultants involved, the location, and the specific type of assessment being performed (focused or comprehensive).

How much is it going to cost?

SVA costs vary depending on the time involved and the complexity of the assessment process.  Now more than ever, companies are being forced to watch their spending, and at SWA, we do everything possible to minimize the cost to our clients, including utilizing low-cost airlines (when available), using comfortable but reasonably priced lodging for our consultants, and utilizing corporate plans for rental cars and other such expenses.  Expenses are invoiced at the incurred rate, with no mark-ups or “handling fees.”

Modern times require modern solutions to security and safety situations.

Unfortunately employees, visitors, customers, vendors and intruders regularly create havoc and disruptions to our business.  SWA has the experience operational experts to help you prevent, prapare, mitigate, and recover from dangerous situations and deadly disasters.