Security Preparedness Toolkit for Educational Facilities

  • We have developed this Toolkit to help your education organization apply appropriate controls to manage workplace violence, security, and active shooter/active threat situations. In addition, the documents aim to guide you in creating a threat assessment team and in providing your faculty and staff with training and awareness.

    By using the Toolkit, you can create a planning process for your organization that will allow you to recognize and assess threats. An included self- assessment on security preparedness and a physical security self-inspection checklist will help you ensure your organization is taking the proper safety measures.

    The Toolkit also contains sample documents that you can modify according to your needs, including sample policies for violence in the workplace, standard of conduct and work rules, whistleblowing, physical security, and active shooter response.

    It is our goal that this Toolkit will provide the most up-to-date knowledge on security preparedness best practices to ensure your educational organization and its students, faculty, and staff have a safe work environment.

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