Sample Education Report

Now more than ever, schools, colleges, and universities have become sensitive to security issues.  Recent incidents have put administrators, teachers, parents, and students on alert.  Schools need qualified help, and need a partner they can trust!

Sorensen, Wilder & Associates has earned a national recognition for it’s expertise in developing safety and security programs in educational facilities of all levels. With an experiential base ranging from preschools through graduate schools, SWA is becoming synonymous with education safety and security.  The Illinois Violence Prevention Authority recognized SWA as a "vendor of choice" for school security and violence prevention programs.

The staff of SWA has assisted schools across the country in addressing safety and security issues at all levels. Before any improvements can be made, a qualified assessment must be conducted to identify the vulnerabilities that exist.  Using our P2T2® system for school security, our staff of experienced security professionals have conducted school security assessments at schools, colleges, and universities across the nation.

The SWA name has also become synonymous with aggression management training for schools across the nation. Again, working with educational institutions ranging from pre-school to colleges and universities, the SWA staff has provided training to educators and support staff in recognizing and dealing with aggressive behavior, and in defusing verbal aggression before it breaks into violence.  SWA programs are realistic and practical, and are developed by educators for educators!

SWA is very proud to work with our nations educational facilities.  Our security vulnerability assessments help schools identify potential breeches in the security program long before an event might actually occur.

In addition, our extensive experience in school safety management helps school districts minimize losses, reduce the cost of workers compensation claims, lessen the contributions or premiums paid for insurance coverage's, and assure the taxpayers that their tax dollars are being used where they should be - educating the future leaders of America.

Below please find a partial representation of some past and current educational clients that SWA staff members have served:

  • Berkeley Preparatory School, FL
  • Bethune Cookman College, FL
  • Bourbonnais Elementary Schools, IL
  • Bradley Elementary School District, IL
  • Catholic Diocese of Springfield, IL
  • Danville Area Community College, IL
  • Everett School District, WA
  • Ferrum College, VA
  • Grundy Alternate School, IL
  • Hofstra University, NY
  • Iroquois-Kankakee Regional Office of Education, IL
  • Marshalltown School District, IA
  • Newark School District, NJ
  • Oklahoma City University, OK
  • Passaic School District, NJ
  • Princeton University, NJ
  • Protestant Reformed Christian School, IL
  • Suburban Cook County Regional office of Education, IL